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(no subject)
 Well I finally have some down time to actually write something here...Well whats going on with me is I am just working and going to school still but as of right now I am on break from school I go back on Monday. I can't wait because I will finally have something to do on my two requested days off from work instead of staying home. Oh so what I really came on here for was to post that there is this guy from work who likes me.  He told me the other day while we were texting. Yes I do like him too but I want to get to know him more than I know him right now before we think of being a couple. I am tired of dating those types of guys that treat me bad. I'm ready for a real relationship and where I can finally settle down. Yes I may only be in my 20's but I have been in a lot of relationships and I am ready for that one guy that I can spend the rest of my life with.